Sephora haul!

sephora haul

Sephora Haul!

Happy Monday everybody!! I hope you guys had a good weekend, I know I did!

Let’s jump right in! I went to Sephora over the weekend and came out with a few goodies! For the record, I went in just to buy a beauty blender buttttt it never works out that way does it lol.



The Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation has instantly become my favorite! Don’t let the price scare you away, I promise you it’s worth every penny. I read plenty of reviews on this before taking the plunge, and I was a little nervous I wasn’t going to like it because its not full coverage. But I was SO wrong! The finish is absolutely beautiful!! It’s comfortable, extremely lightweight, light coverage, however you can also build it up to be full coverage. I have pretty normal skin, but I do often get dry patches and this is the best foundation combo I’ve tried.  Slightly luminous but not oily at all. Honestly, you could get away with wearing this foundation without a primer because of its hydrating coverage. (But primer helps your makeup stay on all day, so I do suggest you use a primer)


IMG_9904 (1)

The POREfessional  This primer is definitely one of my absolutely favorites!! The only downside I find is the amount of product for the high price. But who am I to complain because this is my 3rd time buying it lol. It’s super easy to apply, dries fast and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue. Make sure you to apply moisturizer first, then apply the primer and watch your pores simultaneously disappear! It has a slight nude color which is nice for evening out skin tones. On days I don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup, I just throw some of this primer on and call it a day! It makes your face look so smooth!!



Anastasia Brow Definer  similar to the Anastasia brow wiz, but in my opinion so much better!! I never really got the hype over the brow wiz to be honest, it always took a long time to use cause the tip is a lot smaller. The definer has a triangle tip, making it super easy to create a perfect shape. The formula is so great!!!! It lasts all day and let’s be honest anything that lets you get your brows done 10x faster deserves recognition. I’m not a huge fan of the Anastasia pomade, but thats  just a personal preference. I will say the only benefit with the pomade is the amount of product you get. Both the Brow wiz and definer are going to give you less product but more time for activities in the day! I got the Medium Brown color, I haven’t really decided if its too dark yet, might go back for a lighter shade one of these days.


Beauty Blender  Ohhhh the beauty blender. I have such a love hate relationship with this sponge lol. I love what it does, but hate paying $20 for a sponge. There definitely are knock-offs you can get at Ulta or any drugstore but they definitely don’t compare.  I don’t know if I’m just a weirdo or what  but whenever I buy a new beauty blender, I let it sit on my makeup desk for a little bit just admiring how pretty it is LOL. The Beauty Blender leaves such an airbrushed, natural look! Unfortunately, the Sephora I was at was sold out of the beauty blender cleaner but I highly suggest you grab that as well while you’re at it. The more often you clean your blender, the less often you’ll need to replace it! I wash my beauty blender after every use so I don’t break out and  it stays so fresh and so clean clean!

Let me know what products you guys are using!! Have you tried any of these? If so, what did you think!?

Love y0u all!


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  • So Fresh and So Clean Clean

    • I know your beauty blender is so fresh and so clean clean change lol.

  • I use Rodan + Fields skincare line. It’s the best! It is off the shelves of department stores and direct marketed. It allows me to use fewer makeup products. I’ve been considering the Georgio Armani foundation so thank you for the review! Next up, can you review haircare products?! I’ve had the ouai products in my Sephora cart for a week.

    • Hey Michelle!! I definitely suggest you try the foundation And I’d love to hear how it goes!! And yes I would love to do some haircare reviews! Great idea! Thanks Michelle!!

  • Hi Taylor,
    What color foundation do you wear.

    • Hey Jessica, I use the shade 6.25!


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