DIY: How to make Ikea furniture look fancy


DIY: How to make Ikea furniture look fancy 

If you’re a sucker for Ikea like myself, you’re going to love this easy little project to make that furniture look a bit more fancy. When most people think of Ikea furniture the first thing that comes to mind normally is simple, super plain, easy to set up (for the most part) and boring. However, that super simple, boring piece makes for the PERFECT customization!

BESTÅ: Shelf unit with doors, Lappviken white

Time to glam this boring thing up and make it look like a million bucks.


“My Overlays” is a company that makes DIY panels that perfectly fit any size, style, or model of IKEA furniture! (GENUIS) The panels are made of lightweight, slightly flexible PVC substrate, which makes them easy to paint (I left mine white but just for the record, you can easily paint them) and stick on. You can also choose from a lot of different styles and patterns!


Applying the Overlays is super easy; use your own choice of adhesive. I recommend “Amazing Goop. Household Adhesive”


Another trick thats totally going to make an Ikea piece look more expensive is changing the legs. I found this company that sells awesome looking legs for IKEA pieces called Pretty Pegs . They have all different heights, shapes, and/or colors.


That’s it!! Time to dress it up with some decor, and admire.


Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY!!

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