Festival Outfit Inspo

With Spring upon us and Coachella only two weeks away, it’s time to start planning those festival outfits!! Quick side note, I’m not even going to Coachella this year, obviously this outfit can easily be worn for any occasion, not only festivals!

When most people think festival style they think grungy, dirty hippie. While that may hold a little bit of  truth to it, you can also stand out wearing something more on the ‘sophisticated boho’ side. Functionality with a subtle sex appeal, yup, yes please!

Off-the-shoulder, ruffles, and flares are a big giant YES this season. That’s why I chose this off-shoulder MLM LABEL ruffle trim crop top and pretty sure I died the moment I saw this top and went to boho heaven. (So corny, but I had too..carry on lol). Up until recently, I was never a huge fan of off-the-shoulder tops because of how restricting they are, but this one actually perfect. There are actual arm slots or sleeves, if you will, so you don’t feel like you can’t move move your arms without the whole top moving! If you guys are looking for a good off-the-shoulder top or dress, I’d defintely check out MLM Label, guarantee you’ll find something!

Chokers, are a must. And flare jeans are back, YES! How long have you been wearing the same looking skinny jeans with every outfit? Time to switch it up with a pair of high-rise flare jeans. Personally a huge fan of this style denim. I love how you can style them in different ways from professional, sophisticated, to sexy, boho, 70’s, I think you get the point. Find More details from this outfit & other festival outfits below!!

Some Coachella tips for my first timers; 
  • Wear closed toe shoes – especially day 2 & 3 at Coachella! I know it seems crazy because gladiator sandals were basically put on this earth for Coachella outfits, but with thousands of people walking around, spilling drinks, spraying water and what not, the ground gets extremely muddy! Two years ago I spent a solid $150 on a cute pair of lace-up gladiator sandals and by the end of day 1, not only was my pedicure was ruined but so were my new sandals. Womp womp.
  • Bring something warm to put on for when the sun goes down, especially if it’s really hott during the day. The temperature drop is NO fun when you’re stuck wearing short shorts and a tank!
  • Dress comfortably. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an outfit that you’ll be walking around in for 12+ hours!
  • Drink lot’s of water!!! You absolutely must hydrate up, especially if you plan to dehydrate out in thdeserts. Picking up what I’m putting down there? You catching my drift?……But seriously trust me, drink water throughout the day. It’s a long 3 days filled with LOTS of fun, you just gotta do it! ; )


Shop Outfit Details Below!

Outfit Details


Necklace –   Long Wrap Choker NecklacePersonalized Brook & York Necklace 


Rings – ‘Albion’ Petite Ring‘Rings & Things’ Band Ring,

Top – MLM LABEL Maison Crop Top

Jeans – The Marrakech Faded Flared Jeans

Shoes – Open-Toe Ghillie Lace-Up Sandals

Some Other Must-Have Festival Wear:

Multicolor ‘Hippie Bitch’ Bracelet

Gold Mini Thunder Necklace

Fringe Medium Julian Backpack

Desi Block Heel Sandal


REVOLVE Sale 061616 728x90 Floral

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