Flea Market-ing!


Flea Market-ing!

Ok let me tell you, I’m obsessed with Flea Market shopping. I feel like a lot of people have this connotation that flea markets are just other peoples junk. And yes, in some cases those people are totally right. However, if you’re there shopping with a purpose, that ‘junk’ may just be your next treasure.

When I was little, my parents used to bring my brothers and I to a huge flea market in Daytona Beach, FL.  I used to LOVEEEE going because every time we went, I would get one of those string hair wraps done, then I’d walk back into school after vacation feeling like a major badass with my wrap lol. My point is, maybe thats where I picked up my love for flea market shopping? Or maybe it’s that fact I refuse to miss the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena every 2nd sunday of the month lol. Either way, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks throughout my flea market-ing escapades and I felt it was necessary to share! So here it goes:

Get There Early. Ok, if we’re talking about the Rose Bowl Flea Market I’d say don’t stress super hard about being the first one there. There is PLENTY of free parking and I’ve never seen too big of a line for tickets. However I do suggest getting there early before vendors get a chance to sell their best pieces to a lucky someone other than you!!!

Have an idea of what your looking for. You can find everything from vintage clothes and jewelry to retro furniture, light fixtures and so, SO much more. With that being said, I highly suggest going with a plan. We all know you’ll probably end up with some things that weren’t apart of “the plan” but thats fine! If you don’t have any ideas, projects or a plan in mind, you can get lost in the distractions of everything and end up leaving empty handed.

DIG.DIG.DIG. Want to find the best of the best? DIG! There are piles and piles of stuff laying everywhere. (See the rug picture below) If you’re afraid to get your hands dirty…then just don’t go. Just kidding thats aggressive, but I’m serious, the best finds are hidden so DIG people!!

Bring Cash. Why bring cash if the website says they accept credit cards Taylor? Great question lol, I suggest bringing cash because honestly some of the vendors only accept cash. And everyone likes being paid in cash. You’ll probably even score better deals paying that way.

Bargain…respectively. This kind of goes right along with the bringing cash. If you’re looking at an item and you ask “How Much?” The vendor says “‘$45” then you’re all like “Ohhhh, it’s great and all but I don’t know if I even have $45 on me?” The vendor will say “ok how much cash you have?” That’s when you say “I only have $30.” BOOM now that $45 vintage dog tag is yours for $30 all because you bargained a little. However, don’t forget the vendors are trying to make money too, so they may not always be open to your bargaining ways. lol

Don’t overthink it. JUST GET IT.  I highly recommend focusing on the private vendors. Not the commercial vendors that are selling the cheap plastic iphone cases that you can find on amazon for $3 Blah. Thats not what you’re there for!! You’re there for the unique pieces of furniture or that vintage pair of overalls. Now those are the things you cannot over think. Overthinking at a busy flea market ends with you not getting anything. Then you’ll go home empty handed, maybe crying and mad at yourself that you didn’t get those vintage overalls. Cause most likely, that same pair that you were over thinking, won’t be there next month. So get em’ while their hot!!


















All pictures above are from the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena!

What to Bring:




Sneakers/Comfortable Shoes

Backpack or lightweight bag

Hand Sanitizer



Alright, thats it. Wahoo, now you’re ready to shop like flea market-ing pro!!

If you know of any really great flea markets, leave in the comments section below, I’d love to check them out!!! Also let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions!!

Love you all,


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  • This is awesome! We don’t have many flea markets around where I live, but now that it’s getting warm, yard sales are popping up! Can’t wait to find some treasures

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