Got Hairdreams?

Ya know that giddy feeling you get after buying a new outfit, a new bag or new shoes? Now times that feeling by a million and that’s how I feel every time I visit Suzie Mello at Beaucage Salon for new head of Hairdreams Extensions. 

If you guys have been following along for awhile now you already know I can’t stand my natural hair. It’s super fine,  it’s thin, and refuses to grow any more. The obvious and quick solution to my hair problem is extensions. And let me tell you, I’ve tried just about every method of extension under the sun. Tape-ins, flat-tip keratin bonds, braided in, clip-ins, you name it, I’ve tried them. Before I explain why Hairdreams are my absolute favorite hair extensions, let me get into what I didn’t like about the others;

Tape-ins were great in the beginning, until you want to throw your hair up in a high pony and realize you can’t.  The tape won’t lay flat, it folds up which makes it impossible to hide the tape from showing. When it’s time for tape-in’s to come out, they leave behind a sticky residue on your hair that is seemingly impossible to get out without ripping the hair out.

Keratin bonds were my favorite (prior to trying Hairdreams). The downside is having to sit in the salon chair for a solid 5 hours while each extension is put in individually. Then when it’s time for them to come out, after only a month or two, you realize you have about half the hair than you started with. Which in my case, is really scary seeing how I’m already starting out with very little.

Braided-in didn’t work out well for me at all, Ha! The first time I washed my hair, the braids started to come loose because my hair is so thin. Then the extensions just felt like a 10lb nuisance hanging from my head. Needless to say, I cut the extentions out after only having them in for 4 days. Never again, lol.

Clip-ins are a good solution if you’re just looking for a 1 day type of style. I used to wear clip-ins all the time and the maintenance of clipping them on and off EVERYDAY was too much for me. The constant fear of the clips showing, or placing them in the right spots, is a headache in itself. So if you’re looking for an everyday or wake up in the morning feeling ready to go, clip-ins are not what you need. 

Alright, it’s time to tell you why Hairdreams extensions are so amazing and why I choose them over other extensions time and time again. Hairdreams last 4-6 months before having to take them out! The last time I got my hairdreams put in was the beginning of October. I JUST got those out today, (end of January) before getting new ones put in. That’s close to 5 months of wearing the same extensions. Which is crazzzy good! The quality of hair is unbeatable. The nano bonds are flat, so they gently lay on the head naturally for a natural look and feel. You are able to wear your hair in so many different hairstyles, throw it up in a pony, or messy bun without ever seeing the bonds. The hair freedom is yours! Hairdreams are the considered highest quality or luxury hair if you will. When it comes to real human hair extensions nothing compares to these. I don’t feel any extra weight on my head, even when my hair is wet! As for the installation process, the Laserbeamer Nano is the first fully automatic hair fusion applicator that bonds up to 5 Hairdreams strands with a push of a button. I am in and out of the salon in about 45 minutes. That is wild compared to the 5-7 hours it takes for other methods. After Suzie puts them in, she gives them a little trim, blending them in with my natural hair and I’m out the door.

A HUGE thank you to Suzie Mello for always making me feel my very best with new hair, thank you to Beaucage Salon for being a beautiful salon & atmosphere and THANK YOU to hairdreams for providing the hair!

If you guys are in or around the Boston area, call beaucage and schedule your hairdreams consult today!



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