Latest Obsession; The Katia Moto Backpack

0022--2Latest Obsession; The Katia Moto Backpack 

I’ve always been a backpack person. Cross-body bags can work, but I’d say backpacks take the cake in the coolness category. Every time I’m shopping in Bloomingdales or Nordies,  I, of course have to do a little browsing in the bag section…however, leaving only moments later, cringing at the price tag of a small backpack ($375). And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for splurging on everyday items like a purse, but $400 for a small backpack that doesn’t even fit my everyday wallet is just cray crayyyy.


And just as I’m about to give up hope on finding a killer backpack for the right price, I find this gem. and BOOOM! I proudly introduce to you, the Katia Moto Backpack from Sticks + Stones. The color is PERFECT, the size is PERFECT, the leather is PERFECT….do you get it yet? This backpack is PERFECT.  And $200 for an everyday bag… I’d say, thats a pretty damn good deal! It’s casual, cool, chic, and adds a badass vibe to your outfit.


I think anyone who likes to walk around lot, like myself, would agree with me, having your hands free is huge luxury.


If you’re looking to switch it up from a purse to a backpack, it’s important that your backpack is big enough to carry everything you need, but small enough to be unobtrusive in a crowded place.

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The Katia Moto Backpack bag has a side zippered pocket for easy access that comes in clutch for things like, your keys and cell phone.


And I know I keep bringing up Festival Season, but it’s just a fact we just can’t ignore.  Think about it, you’re about to go to a festival to have the time of your life…don’t you wanna look cute for all the pictures you’re about to be in? If the answer’s Yes….then you’re gonna want a perfect bag to go with that outfit. And like I said earlier, HANDS FREE is a luxury and a MUST at any festival.  This is the ideal backpack and I know for sure I’ll be using this bad larry at Coachella!

Let me know what you guys think! I’ll add some more of my favorite backpack styles below!

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  • This outfit and backpack is FIRE Tay! Loving your blog!


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