Secret To Getting Your Silky hair & Silky skin back!


Secret To Getting Your Silky hair & Silky skin back!

Alright, this may not pertain to everyone however, for those of you who live in a big city with hard water, it’s a must read!!

Living in West Hollywood is awesome, but the water sucks. It’s hard water and filed with chlorine, which is terrible for your skin and hair. Easy to tell if your water is hard by noticing  white water spots all over your sink,  you’re skin feels A LOT dryer, and your hair (if you’re a colored blonde) turns green, just like jumping in a chlorinated pool!


I did some research and decided to get a shower head filter! Same idea as a brits filter but for the shower! There are tons out there but this one is only about $18 from Amazon and its a miracle worker! Super easy to install, no tools necessary!



You’ll instantly feel a difference in your skin and hair!!


Now that you’ve got a Shower filter and you’re on the right track, it’s time to grab some sulfate-free clarifying shampoo to rid that hair and scalp of buildup and hard water minerals. I highly suggest the BE GENTLE, BE KIND™ GREEN TEA SHAMPOO  from Sephora. (online only) It smells amazing, like a sweet perfume! I also LOVE how my hair feels after shampooing with this! It’s not a 5-day a week kind of shampoo, more like 2-3 times a week.


Be Gentle, Be Kind™ Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo effectively cleanses the hair without the drying or color-dulling effects of many sulfate shampoos. Fortified with powerful green tea antioxidants, it protects the hair and scalp from premature hair aging caused by environmental UV and free-radical damage.”

Basically if you live in a big city or anywhere with hard water, these simple purchases will change the game for you!

I added some other great detoxifying shampoos and filters to look through below!

Hopefully this helps!




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