The Hair Shop Holiday Must Haves!

I finally found the best clip-in hair extensions from The Hair Shop and I’m super excited to tell you guys all about them! 

As many of you already know, I’m an avid hair extension user. I’ve been wearing extensions for many years now. Good ones, bad ones, tape-in’s, sew-ins, you name it, most likely I’ve tried them. With that being said, my natural hair is in pretty rough shape as of lately and it’s finally time to give my mane a chance to grow. 

That doesn’t mean I am not going to wear extensions, it simply means I will be leaning on clip-in’s for the next few months. The best low risk damage, and low maintenance solution! With clip-ins you can move them around and hide them easily to create any gorgeous hairstyle your little heart desires. I love being able to take mine out at the end of the day and give my whole head a good brushing. 

The benefits of the clip in hair extensions are endless – for those of us that want a new look for an special occasion, or maybe just want a different look for the weekend, clip in hair extensions are a glamorous non-permanent look that can change your appearance and give you new life quick and painlessly. 

I recently just got new Clip-ins from The Hair Shop and I’m obsessed. By far the most natural looking clip-ins I’ve ever owned. They are 100% human hair. They look and feel amazing. 

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