The Portable Shiatsu Massager Pillow

I feel like I’m really getting old by admitting this but after years of physical activity, sports and just being clumsy, I’ve got some back tension going on. Nothing too serious, nothing a deep tissue massage at the spa can’t fix….that is until I came across the The Zyllion Portable Shiatsu Massager Pillow with heat on Amazon.

The ZMA-25 massager is literally like having a masseuse that travels with you wherever you go! Four nodes provide a soothing circular motion while the other 4 nodes offer an up and down rocking motion to provide a multidirectional, varied massage experience like you find at the spa.

The heat is the perfect addition to help loosen muscles and melt any tension away. Think about it like you’re getting a hot stone massage and who in the world doesn’t appreciate a hot stone massage? Exactly. You can easily turn off the heat function by tapping the on/off button once it’s been turned on. 

My favorite part is how portable the Shiatsu Massager is. Carry and use it in the car, office, and/or at home. When you order off Amazon the box includes a car adapter. (Get a massage while driving/sitting in traffic…YUPP!) The cord is also nice and long so it’s not a problem if the outlet doesn’t happen to be right next to you.

The Zyllion Shiatsu Massager has an automatic one minute timer and changes direction each minute to put pressure on all of your sore muscles. You can put all your weight on it and the massager doesn’t seem to slow down or have any problem with it!

Areas of Use: Arm, Neck, Thigh, Upper Back, Lower Back, and Calf.

Discount Code: Receive 25% off the ZMA25 massager in either color – 25TAYLOR

Discount Code: Receive 25% off the ZMA25 massager in either color – 25TAYLOR

Shop here: ZMA25 Black Multi-Use Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat


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