Two Nights in Bangkok

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All right, so it’s time to fill you guys in on the places where I traveled over the last two months and share my pictures! I’ll also add some dos and don’ts that I learned along the way. Because I want to make sure I do justice to each place I visited and I have 12930432 pictures to share, I’ll break it down and do a separate blog for each place.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand! What an experience. Starting from NYC, we flew to DOHA, a 14-hour flight with a 3-hour layover. Then, we went straight to Bangkok on a 6-hour flight. We flew Qatar Airways and I’ve got to say that I was impressed. Their planes were beautiful, spacious, and clean. We even got to fly on a double-decker plane—and let me tell you, the sheer size of the double decker had me in awe! The amount of people that a plane that size is able to transport is just incredible!

Where to stay: Okay, so we landed in Bangkok at around 10:30 a.m. and were not allowed to check in to our hotel until 2 p.m., so we took a taxi to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and headed out to explore! We stayed at the Lohas Residences. This hotel was awesome—I honestly had zero complaints. The room had its own kitchen, washer/dryer, balcony, and a rooftop pool! If I were visiting Bangkok for a longer stay, I would definitely stay at the Lohas Residences again! The area was also ideal—just a skip and a jump away from some of the best food and nightlife in Bangkok.

Getting around: All you hear in Bangkok (and most parts of Thailand) is “Taxi taxi!” or “Tuk tuk, you need tuk tuk?” This comes in handy when you’re actually looking for a ride, but when you’re just trying to walk around on foot and explore, get ready to be hassled!! Make sure to barter with the tuk tuk drivers. They’re definitely going to try and overcharge you for rides (of course, since they’re trying to make money), so it’s up to you to reason with them. Trust me, there is ALWAYS someone willing to drive you for the price you want. Just be stern and walk away until you find the one!

Markets: There are night markets, day markets…SO MANY MARKETS in Bangkok!! One of the biggest markets we went to was called the Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can find almost anything under the sun there—clothes, food, trinkets, pets, artwork, and just about everything in between. Chinatown was also nuts. There was no shortage of food stands to choose from and Chinatown culture to see! There is SO much going on there, with a million cars/mopeds/tuk tuks/tourists EVERYWHERE. However, this is totally somewhere I suggest you check out when in Bangkok!

Nightlife: While walking around some of the markets, we found ourselves in the Soi Cowboy area. This is such a fun place. There are so many neon lights, it’s almost carnival-like—a total party going on everywhere. I won’t go into too much detail about Soi Cowboy, but let me just say that this is where most of the Go Go Bars are located. Go Go Bars in Southeast Asia are very different than the bars in America. In Bangkok, all of the women are butt-naked and dance on a stage until someone sees what they like and flags them down. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. One thing I will tell you guys, though, is that Pingpong shows are REAL. Everything you’ve heard or read about is real, LOL. It’s totally a “When in Bangkok” type of experience. Just go into it with an open mind and you’ll have a great time!

Let me tell you, two nights in Bangkok was PLENTY of time there. Heck, one night truly would have been enough. There is a lot to see and do, yes, but, when push comes to shove, it’s just another big city. Of course, it has its differences, being located in Southeast Asia—but if you want to experience the real Thai culture, I’d suggest you keep moving to your next destination!

P.S.: Everything you see me wearing can be found down below!!


Have you guys been to Bangkok? I’d love to hear your experience! Traveling to Bangkok? Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them! Xo


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