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“VanDerWaals creates smart handbags that connect to your phone and allow you to pick what color you are in the mood for carrying.”

For a smart and chic look, nothing beats this VanDerWaals smart purse. Let’s be honest, it’s about to be 2017, it’s time to step up your style ante with some rich, smooth, premium leather (that you can control).

I have to say, personally I’m super impressed by this bag. Everything from the packaging, the quality, and of course the “smart” features.  But I’ll let you be the judge; One Handbag. Many Outfits


We all have our go to looks for certain moods. The sexy heels when we feel like taking over the world. The comfy lounge wear for relaxing. The suit we pull out for important meetings. Now, with VanDerWaals, you have one handbag that can match to your every mood with a swipe of your finger.



VanDerWaals is a premier design company inspired by human desire for self-expression.



VanDerWaals is a premier design company inspired by human desire for self-expression.


img_7654-1The handbag notifies you when receiving an important phone call. No more digging through your handbag to see if your phone is ringing


img_7656-1The handbag flashes a custom light show synchronized to music playlist





img_7633Each handbag is seamlessly integrated with a built-in light, long-lasting charger to keep your phone and portable device charged on the go. Recharge your phone up to 2 times


img_8110Wireless Charging



Each VanDerWaals handbag is programmable through a free app that allows a fashionista to match her dress one minute and her shoes the next by selecting her favorite color or taking a picture to match the exact color of her outfit.



 These color changing handbags are made from premium leather and materials fused with patented technologies. 




So right now you’re either super impressed like myself or thinking “cool a purse that just lights up, whoopty doo” WRONG.  Let me reiterate everything this bag does: how about it can perform a synchronized light show to your music (awesome), program it to flash selected colors when receiving an incoming phone call (awesome), you can even take a picture and match the exact color of your outfit TO THE BAG!!! (undeniably awesome)

These 21st century handbags feature a built-in battery that charges your smartphone, android, tablet and/or other mobile devices. Check this out, the battery is high-output for ultra-fast charging, which basically means say bye-bye to carrying those clunky portable chargers around. When ordering your smart-purse you have the option of an iPhone charging cable or a micro USB cable. The best part, the bag holds enough juice to completely charge an iPhone 6 up to two times!!

Christmas is right around the corner, but you still have enough time! Order yours today

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  • I got really high and I have no idea how I got here. But I’ve been reading this post for the past 20 minutes and I’m loving every minute of it!

    • haha same! Enjoy!

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