What Makeup Brushes You Really Need

Over the years I’ve collected SO many so make-up brushes and I’ll admit I hate washing brushes so I usually just throw them away and buy new ones but what I’ve come to realize is how much a good quality brush makes a difference. Finally I can narrow it down to my absolute have-to-have it brushes for you guys!! 

I know it’s hard to decide which ones you really need, or how much is too much to spend on a brush. Just remember good make-up brushes can make a world of difference in the application and finished look of your make-up. Currently my four favorite make-up brush brands include illamasquaJaponesque, Blendsmart, and NARS

Let’s start with the blendSMART2 rotating brush (available at Sephora). I’m obsessed with this brush!! Every time I get my makeup done by a professional make-up artists I’m always in awe at how flawless they make my skin look. Then I try to create the same look and nope, never does…until I got the blendSMART2. It seriously makes your face look airbrushed. It just blends and buffs product in SO good. The brush heads are interchangeable, which an amazing feature. You can get a whole makeup look done with essentially 1 brush. The three heads I picked up were the powder brush headuniversal foundation brush head and the definer brush head! I have to say out of all of them the defined brush head is my favorite for blending in contour!!

Next up is Japonesque
Kumadori Powder Brush: I like this brush a lot. It’s made for all over powder but I love using it to apply bronzer!!
Kumadori Contour & Highlighting Brush: It does a great job of laying down bronzer in my contour areas and highlighting my cheekbones!!
Kumadori Buffing Brush: Great for buffing liquid foundation in very smoothly! It’s a perfect little size too, great for traveling or just to have in your purse for on-the-go touch ups!
Kumadori Blending Brush: This brush is SUPER soft and makes blending extremely easy. I use it a lot of blend any contouring I’ve done and add some bronzer as well. After reading some reviews on it people are complaining about the brush shedding but I have not experienced any shedding so far!
 BIG fan of Illamasqua brushes!!! 
The soft synthetic bristles in all Illamasqua brushes mean they can be used with powder, cream and liquid textures. TIP** Use shorter bristled brushes for precise, controlled colour placement, and longer bristled brushes for blending. My absolute favorite brushes from Illamasqua are: 
 If you guys want a blog describing how to use each one, let me know in the comment section below!!! 
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