A Fresh New Spin on the Classic Military Parka

I guess I didn’t realize till recently that my obsession for coats, bags, and shoes is getting a little out of control. I’ll be the first to admit that I have far too many of each. But, I was seriously missing a classic go-to coat in my collection for winter. Let me tell you, I found exactly what I was looking for.

The Colorado Parka  from Dawn Levy Design. A fresh new spin on the classic military parka! I’ve basically been living in this coat since the moment it arrived on my doorstep. It has no restrictions. You can wear it with everything, including confidence. Truly a fail-safe way to make any outfit feel effortless and chic without even trying!

Functionality and comfort have always reigned as top priorities for me.  When looking for a new coat I like to consider three things: versatility, warmth and of course, style. Sticking to a timeless style is always a safe way to go, that way you can wear it year after year! 

The hood and trim on the Colorado parka are lined with 100% real fox fur. The first time you put your hands in the pockets, you’ll never want to take them out again. The lining inside is to die for! Seriously, SUPER SOFT. Every time I wear this coat I make my friends put their hands in my pocket just to feel how soft it is (I know I’m weird but still). The Colorado parka offers plenty of warmth however, it’s also oversized so you can layer up underneath without compromising comfort. 

The Colorado Parka has been very well thought out as it is very versatile and adaptive. It’s as perfect for wearing on your daily commute to work, as it is for going for walks through the city during winter. Dawn Levy has a wide range of jackets made with goose down and high-end furs. My advice is simple, invest more in this particular buy than you would spend on any other seasonal purchase. Quality over quantity!  

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