#ootd Winter Wonderland

I survived the first snowstorm of 2017, wooooo!! The good news, I didn’t turn into a walking icicle (yet). The bad news, I’m not made for the winter anymore. Living in LA the last 4 years has turned me into a giant baby when it comes to the cold weather!

There’s something about being snowed-in with friends, a couple bottles of wine and some good movies, that is so fulfilling! And that is exactly what I did. My excitement for the snow may not stick around for too long, but I’m okay with that. Right now it looks beautiful and layering up isn’t so bad either!

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute! A beanie, a parka, and some boots creates a perfect winter look.

Shop this outfit & similar looks below!

Coat: Canada Goose Parka 

Top: Carbon38

Bottoms: Carbon38

Hat: Nordstrom

Scarf: Nordstrom

Backpack: Kate Spade

Boots: Sam Edelman 

Currently on the hunt for some new awesome winter boots!

What are you guys wearing? Favorite Brand?

Love to hear from you guys!


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