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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the coolest smart mirror for all my skincare and makeup buffs! The HiMirror is more than just a mirror, it’s your personal beauty consultant!

HiMirror helps you assess your skin’s condition including wrinkles, fine lines, clarity, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals.

So how does it work? The mirror scans your face and informs you of problem areas. In layman’s terms, the mirror is a harsh critic and tells you exactly what’s wrong with your skin. The idea is that you’ll track your skin as time goes on and change beauty products accordingly. The beauty in that is that the HiMirror doesn’t push specific skincare brands or beauty products, it simply suggests what kind of products you should be using to improve your skin.

I also love how incorporated into the mirror are notifications, calendar alerts, the weather and best of all, you can play Spotify straight the mirror! (Winning)

When setting up your HiMirror, you’ll download the HiMirror app – the app is synchronized with your HiMirror data, so users can conveniently manage their skin improving goals in a smart way!

Now through Demeber 31st HiMirror is cutting prices down on the HiMirror for a more enjoyable gift buying experience! Availability: &

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  • This mirror looks amazing!
    I love your posts, can I ask you which camera you use? Your photo’s are beautiful!


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