Living Room Update!


Living Room Update!

Hi Guys, Happy Hump day!

As promised, keeping you guys updated on my living room!!  It’s not done yet, however getting a lot closer than the last sneak peak you guys saw! I’d love to hear your opinions, so please feel free to leave me a little somethin’ somethin’ in the comments section below!


For me, the living room is basically where I spend most of my time when I’m at home, so it’s important to me that the decor and vibe is comfortable and inviting.  I also very much enjoy entertaining (hosting wine nights with the girls), so having enough seating is a must too. Which you guys will see in the pictures below!



I picked up this cute gold elephant from a flea market this past weekend for only $5!! (Winning). I hadn’t originally planned on keeping it on the coffee table, but he actually looks cute there & adds a little pop of color to the room, so that’s where he’ll be chilling for now.



Coffee table books



I am absolutely obsessed with my new rug from Rugs USA. To be honest, I was super hesitant on it at first cause I wasn’t sure if it would darken the room too much, but luckily it doesn’t and it looks amazing. Super soft on the feet too!


I also may or may not have teamed up with Rugs USA to do an exciting giveaway for you guys in the near future!!!  😉 But you’ll have to keep checking back for the details on that!


Ever since I was little I always wanted a swing chair in my bedroom and I finally got one!!! Even though it’s not in the bedroom, the living room certainly works perfect for it. We do plan on hanging it from a beam in the ceiling, however we just haven’t found the correct color chain for that yet.


I had mentioned in the sneak peak post that I wanted to add some green and as you can see I did!! Although I have to say, this plant was a pain in the butt to find!!! It’s called a “white bird of paradise” and for some reason no where in LA carries indoor ones. Most of the nursery’s had outdoor giant ones, but they all looked very weathered! Anywho, I’m happy with it because it definitely adds a touch of green that I was looking for!

Hope you guys liked my update, another one will be coming soon! And don’t forget to keep checking back for the exciting Rugs USA giveaway!! I added most of the items in my living room below, if you’re interested in shopping for some home decor!!



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