Sneak Peak of My New Living Room!


Sneak Peak of My New Living Room!

Disclaimer: Our living room is nowhere close to being done yet, as you’ll see, it’s a work in progress. I just figured it’d be fun to keep you guys in the loop throughout this design process & hopefully be able to shed some inspiration!!


As most of you probably already know, Ryan and I recently moved into a brand spankin’ new apartment building. We chose to get a two bedroom this time around, giving us an extra room to create a home office. (blog to come)

Before I really jump into the details about the living room, let me say that I am by NO means an interior designer of any sort. (Even though, I like to think I could be after watching the occasional HGTV marathon. lol my fave)  With that being said, I’m happy you guys are able to join me in this process of making my apartment feel like a cozy place to call home!



We decided to go with a grey couch because I’m all about shades of grey at the moment. Overall going for a serene white and gray scheme, or white and gray with green accents. (Plants)


the comfiest chair you’ll ever sit in…ever



I’m getting rid of the green accent pillows you see here. They’re cute and work for now but they actually came with the couch and not really what I’m going for. So basically, you can count on seeing different pillows next time around.


My plan is to create a picture wall behind the couch! I’ve wanted to make one forever! I feel like it gives a room so much more personality and it feels more homey. Aka the hunt is on for the perfect art right now!


Like I said earlier, I really love being able to share this whole process with you guys! Feel free to let me know what you guys think so far, any advice or opinions?! Leave them in the comments below



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  • I Love it, it’s amazing !! Love u

    • Love you Momma! <3

  • Looks great you will have to come and design our place when your done with yours maybe my room at the top of the hill looking down on the beach.


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