Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – All Under $100!

Every year, Mother’s Day just sneaks up on me (May 14th this year, FYI). I never give myself enough time to pick out something special for the woman who gave me life and who’s loved me unconditionally for the last 25 years. Everyone wants to make their Mom feel special, right? Well this year I’m not waiting till last minute and I’m helping you guys out too! I’ve come up with a list of thoughtful gifts that any Mother will be sure to adore! For Mother’s Day, I believe the best kind of gifts are the ones that your mom would never buy for herself. You must think special. Think pretty. Think momish

While on the hunt for my Mother’s Day gift, I came across The Grommet and I’m certainly happy I did. Let me explain, The Grommet is basically a one stop shop for all gifts, new innovative tech gadgets, and more!! (Grab a Father’s day gift while you’re at it too!) The Grommet finds the newest and most unique products and sells them all in one place, making our gift giving job a little easier! Below are some of my favorite gifts from The Grommet and a few other store options as well! 

Aria Beauty Mini Blow Dryer – Hands down the cutest mini blow dryer on this earth. All women need a good blow dryer in their life, especially if they like to travel. You’ll want to invest in one that will last for several years’ worth of traveling. Not only is this perfect size for travel, but Mom will reap the benefits of a salon grade blow-out for only $59.95!  This mini ionic blow dryer can deliver salon-worthy results wherever you are. The lightweight, scaled down design is travel-ready (and has dual voltage) without skimping on performance. Ceramic coils create negative ions which that reduce frizz, static, and even remove dirt from hair—leaving hair silky smooth.

LoveTuner Necklace – I love this necklace! Not only is it super cute, but there’s such a beautiful meaning behind it and how fitting! A beautiful necklace, for a beautiful Mom! Use this mindfulness tone necklace with your meditation practice, or just to center yourself throughout the day. It holds a tiny flute which plays a single note—528 Hz. Also called the “Love Frequency,” this tone is believed to help calm our minds and bodies. Wear it to center yourself in a peaceful space any time, or simply as a reminder of the loving vibrations around us.

“In Music, tuning refers to adjusting the pitch of the tone

In human beings, it means adjusting your emotional and physical
state to align yourself with your environment

Literally tuning in and harmonizing with the world around you”  

  – One Journey

Sugar Bean Jewlery  – Another awesome Brand for some cute jewlerly pieces! (Again all under $100) 

More Gifts Under $100

Robert Siegel Studio. Set of 3 Porcelain Vases – $90

Wine Glass Shades – $20 

Cresant Moon Necklace – $62.00

Work Hard Pink Gym Bag – $24.99

Patchouli Amber Hammered Bowl Scented Candle – $19.99

CozyChic® Robe – $99.00

Palm Tree Necklace – $55.00

Baies Scented Candle – $34.00

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray – $70.00

Stack Rings – $48.00

Vesper Throw Blanket – $99.00

Scuffette II Snake Embossed Slippers – $84.00

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